Join us on our journey creating confidence through cosmetics in South Florida!

We strive to help you feel your true authentic self, in whatever form you choose – every day!

This inclusive environment encourages self-expression with the ability to ask as many questions as you'd like, and freely shop and learn at your pace. No judgements, no intimidation, and no discrimination!

Pairing with local big-box retailers, local sponsors, and online suppliers, Transitions provides monthly low-cost classes for trans women and men to learn and explore cosmetics at their own pace!

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In the last 24 months, the visibility of trans individuals has increased dramatically both in mainstream media, and in everyday life thanks to the tireless efforts of LGBTQ+ advocates, celebrities like Ellen, Laverne Cox, and Caitlyn Jenner, television shows like “I Am Jazz” and “Pose,” and with the long-awaited open-inclusivity by nationwide brands like Starbucks®. Growing acceptance or not, many who identify as transgendered struggle with the outside appearance that greets them in the mirror daily.


One drag queen aims to change all that.


Nicole Halliwell, a drag entertainer and producer in South Florida, is taking a stand to promote positive self image and confidence in trans individuals by providing an outlet to learn more about self expression through makeup. “So many of my trans friends have been welcomed with open arms into the drag community over the last decade. The inclusiveness of this environment allows them a place to grow and find themselves through self expression. The entire experience brings many out of their shell, encouraging positive self image by bringing it to reality.


“With that idea in mind, I have launched the ‘Transitions’ makeup workshop, a safe environment where trans women and men can come to openly learn and explore makeup at their own pace, have a safe and stress free shopping experience where they can ask questions without limits, and feel more comfortable in whatever form or appearance they choose to express themselves in daily.”


Halliwell has taken the concept of learning from the community and built it into a two-hour hands-on workshop funded solely by donations, and partnered with local beauty chains and classrooms to foster the ideal environment for this project. “Too many of my trans sisters are afraid to step foot into a makeup store to learn or ask questions. It often becomes limited to online shopping and YouTube tutorials, and that’s just not enough. It’s exciting to work with these local retailers who are eager to learn inclusivity and meet members of our community face-to-face. The entire project helps to connect cisgender/straight and trans communities together, so their stories can be heard. Everyone at every age is welcome - no matter what you identify as, you belong here.”

Debuting at Miami Beach Pride in 2019 with the help of community sponsors, and launching in Fort Lauderdale this year in 2020, Transitions Florida is partnering with big-box cosmetics retailers to provide classroom spaces, and local community outreach. Always looking for sponsors to help reduce out of pocket cost for attendees, Transitions Florida needs your help to keep classes affordable and available for everyone.

You can learn more about Transitions Florida, make a donation to the cause, and schedule classes online at, launching in April 2020.

Catch Nicole and her Transitions Florida team this March on “I am Jazz” on TLC®. You can learn more about Ms. Halliwell at

See Nicole and her drag crew live at QUEENZ The Drag Experience!