Services are performed at the location of your choice.
• In-home. (If your lifestyle permits.)

• At our private studio (When available, additional fee.)

• In a hotel within a 30 mile radius of our

   service zip. (Additional fee.)

Discreet communication and guaranteed privacy.
• Messages exchanged are deleted after services have
   been rendered.

• Photography session pictures are secure encryption

   deleted once delivered to client.

A comforting experience.
• Calm, patient, and experienced artists guide you  
   through the transformation process with learning,
   easing conversation, humor, and thoughtful
   consideration to your desired results.

• Our artists are more than happy to answer all of

   your questions, with great understanding that

   this may be the first time you have ever been

   able to speak to someone about your needs.

• Judgement-free interaction with young industry
   professionals, each with 10+ years of experience
   in the art of male-to-female transformation.

• How does this process work?
   After choosing a package and date, and completing the initial deposit, a representative will contact you via the                method of your choice to confirm your appointment.

   You will meet the artist at an agreed upon time and location. The artist will ask questions to determine your needs          while setting up equipment, and begin the process.

• How long does it take?

   Depending on the package chosen, and the needs of the client, this can vary. An average face of makeup can take up    to 1 hour and 45 minutes, while a head-to-toe photoshoot can hold a duration of up to 4 hours. (Not including setup.)

• Are there female artists?
   No. The art of male-to-female transformation is best handled by industry professional female impersonators who             specialize in working with masculine faces and transformative makeup. These artists understand the science behind         creating feminine features, something that your average Ulta or Instagram beauty consultant cannot comprehend, no     matter how perfected their skills! There is a drastic difference between women's makeup and building an entirely           new face from a masculine canvas. We understand that your "first time" is a nervous experience, and being handled       by a female artist may seem appealing, but once you see the results, and find how relatable your artist is, your 

    apprehensions will immediately disappear. Trust us... we've done this before!

• Can the artist appear female?
Yes, for an additional fee. 

• Can I interact with the artist in an intimate way?   

   Absolutely not. Our services are strictly professional and any type of sexual motivated behavior from the client will           immediately terminate the session. 

• Does the artist work alone?   
Yes, and no! For makeup-only sessions, artists are accompanied by an armed security agent that remains outside of       the premises (hotel, residence, or studio) for the protection of our staff. The agent will call the artist at                               random intervals  to ensure their safety. If service is provided in a hotel, an agent will be given a room key. The                 security agent WILL NOT enter the premises or interact with you in any way. 

    For photo packages, the artist is accompanied by a professional discreet photographer that will enter the room,             interact with you, and help with position and pose for the best possible results.

• Will I need to get undressed?   

    You may be asked to remove your shirt to avoid damaging your clothing with makeup. You may also need to undress     if you have chosen to the head-to-toe package and require assistance from the artist with getting into body padding,     outfit, or any other technical requirement.

• Can the artist teach me how to do this on my own?   

    Yes, after your initial transformation, you may request learning sessions from the artist. These are billed hourly and           can also include personal-shopping to help you purchase your own products.

• Do I have to provide personal information?   

    Yes. To book the appointment, and also on the Liability Release Waiver requiring name and signature before we can       begin work. Signed paper documents are copied digitally, safeguarded with encryption, originals                                       shredded and inaccessible to the public. We understand your need for discretion, and guarantee it.


Nervous? Straight?

You can RELAX!

Our services are private, confidential, and 100% discreet.

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